Official website of the musical fairytale Monster

The musical Monster is a new project from the international production company Makers Lab, the creators of the popular musicals Onegin’s Demon and The Master and Margarita. This time, a magical journey awaits our viewers. It is one of St. Petersburg’s Music Hall’s most anticipated events – an adventure into the times of V.A. Zhukovskiy’s Tales of Tsar Berendey.

The fairytale is also portrayed in the Soviet director Alexander Row’s film rendition entitled Beauty-Barbara Long-braid. The creators of the musical have come up with many innovative additions to surprise and enchant their audiences.

The classic fairytale spellbinds its audience with the help of fantastic modern technology. Among such methods, the 3D decorations, flights, attractions and other incredible creations are created by the French company CubicPrint.

Also noteworthy is the creativity of the makeup of Pop-art Fashion, which turns real actors into “illustrated” characters similar to the heroes of animated films.

The heroes’ clothing is not simply stage costume; rather, it is a whole collection a la Russe, created by the artist Anna Nazykova and the company “Vozrozhdenie”, with whom Makers Lab has previously partnered.

And, finally, the music was composed by the stunningly gifted Anton Tanonov – winner of international competitions and composer of the symphonic accompaniments to the musicals Onegin’s Demon and The Master and Margarita.

Captivating magic and utter involvement in the theater await all viewers. Additionally, one child from the theater audience takes part in every production – the choice of the fairytale’s main hero happens during the show! Perhaps your son or daughter will be chosen for the role!


Once upon a time, there lived a Monster-Tsar in the magical Realm of In-Between, which is between Land and Water. And he dreamed of a son, to whom he would give his power and magical salt-crystal. But instead of a son, a daughter was born!The Monster-Tsar was oh, so angry, but the little girl was so sweet, he couldn’t be angry for long. He came to love his daughter, and named her Vasilisa. But he worried – what fate awaited her? The evil witch Murena appeared: she predicted that Vasilisa would grow to love a land-boy and run away to live on land! The Monster-Tsar grew sad – what could he do? But the Tsar’s advisor Vodochet found the answer in a magical book: they must tempt the land-boy into the land of In-Between. But in order for him to live there, his parents must give him up of their own free will. Otherwise, he would die, for land-dwellers cannot remain in In-Between for more than an hour, as in-betweeners cannot live on Land.

The Monster-Tsar lay in wait for the Land-Tsar Yeremey. When the Land-Tsar was thirsty after a long trip, the Monster-Tsar tempted the unsuspecting Land-Tsar to a well and seized him by the beard! “I’ll let you go,” he promised, “if you give me what you don’t know of in your kingdom!” Yeremey was frightened, and he promised; when he returned home, he found that his wife had given birth to a son, Ivan. Horrified, he realized that he had promised his own son! But the Tsar’s sly advisor Afonka thought up a cheat: they could switch the fisherman’s baby Vanechka and the Tsar’s Ivan! And when the time came to pay off the debt – they would give away the fisherboy to the Tsar-monster, and take their own boy back home. That very night, Afonka and his wife Praskova made the switch. But they, in their agitation, didn’t notice that they switched the babies twice! The Tsar’s baby remained in his own cradle, and the fisherman’s baby in his.

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